Collection: The St Albans Colour Palette

What makes St Albans, St Albans? With over two thousand years of history, we had an inspiring range of local landmarks, people and objects to choose from to create this stunning representation of our city.

Martyr Red | Representing St Alban, Britain’s first Christian saint.

Wain White | Representing artist Louis Wain and his famous ‘Tea Party at Napsbury’ painting.

Hoard Gold | Representing the Sandridge Hoard, one of the largest hoards of gold Roman coins ever discovered in the UK.

Alban Azure | Representing St Albans’ heraldic shield.

Verulamium Flint | Representing the Roman walls in Verulamium Park.

Watercress Leaf | Representing the local watercress industry.

Designer Stacey Barnfield has worked closely with St Albans Museums to research the city thoroughly, to ensure the right selection of unique, quirky, world famous and hidden gems are represented on the St Albans Colour Palette.


The Colour Palette Company was founded by Birmingham designer and writer Stacey Barnfield, whose first colour palette for his home city lit up social media when it was shared in January 2021.

The Colour Palette Company shows off the areas we call home through a now familiar gradient of colour swatches, each with a warming reference to the people and places that make our towns, cities and countries so unique.

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